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Q: Does Orange Pekoe tea have orange flavor in it?
A: No, Orange Pekoe is a tea grade for whole leaf tea commonly referred to as "OP." Other whole-leaf grades include FOP, or Flowery Orange Pekoe, and TGFOP, or Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe.

Q: How long should I steep tea?
A: Three (3) minutes for Chinese green tea, five (5) minutes for black tea. Any longer and your tea will taste harsh

Q: How many cups will a pound of tea make?
A: One quarter pound yields forty cups, so a pound yields 160 cups.

Q: How should I store my tea?
A: In a airtight canister, tin or bag in a cool, dry place. Never freeze tea.

Q: How long will tea taste good for?
A: Fresh tea will taste good for about one year. After that, buy fresh tea.

Q: How should I brew my tea?
A: Any way that allows the tea leaves room for expansion. A warm tea pot works well, as does some of the new one cup gold tea infusers. If you are going to use a tea ball, make sure you don't fill it more than half full as tea expands as it steeps.

Q: How much tea should I use per cup?
A: We recommend one (1) measured teaspoon per six (6) ounces of water (plus one for the pot).

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