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Quartermaine Coffee Roasters for gourmet coffee and tea

Quartermaine coffee roasters offers a complete line of gourmet coffee gifts for discriminating coffee drinkers. As Washington, DC's favorite gourmet coffee roaster, Quartermaine creates superior blends with the highest quality exotic coffee beans from Kenya, Java, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama and Sumatra.

Exceptional Oolong, Chinese green tea and black tea blends

Often called "semi-fermented," Oolong tea is smooth and delicious, often described as vaguely peachy. When you desire an exceptionally good Chinese green tea or black tea, Quartermaine has the selection to please the most discerning palate.

Comprehensive wholesale coffee program

Quartermaine Coffee Roasters offer wholesale coffee beans for restaurants, coffee bars, cafes and specialty stores. The comprehensive line of wholesale coffee beans and tea varieties, including single origin coffees, blends, dark roasts, espresso and decaffeinated is designed to support both brewed and bulk-sale customers. With delivery within 24 hours of roasting, you too can offer your customers fantastic java everyday.

About Quartermaine

To ensure its supply of great tasting coffee, Quartermaine maintains close relationships with specialty coffee farms and estates throughout the world's coffee growing regions. Our buyers make regular buying and tasting trips to coffee origin countries to personally select Quartermaine's top grade arabica coffees.

Once selected, the "green" beans are imported to Quartermaine's East Coast roasting facility in Rockville, MD where they are individually craft roasted to a deep, chestnut brown. This "deep" roast color serves to maximize each coffee's flavor, body and acidity (the three pillars of great tasting coffee) into a delicious coffee drinking experience.

Office Coffee Services

In today's competitive workplace, good tasting office coffee is becoming a rule rather than an exception. Why? Good office coffee helps:

  • Increase morale (people feel better about the way they are treated and the benefits offered them)
  • Decrease tardiness (no more stopping for a cup of coffee on the way to work)
  • Increase productivity (eliminates long mid-morning walks up the street to the coffee bar)

To help companies profit from good tasting office coffee, Quartermaine offers a comprehensive office service (OCS) through Peakland Coffee Service.

Quartermaine exists to buy, roast and sell beans with superior taste and freshness.

Founded in Rockville, Maryland in 1991 by the original founders of Starbucks, Quartermaine is a regional specialty roaster. More than a decade later, Quartermaine has achieved "cult status" among java drinkers, and is the favorite specialty roaster in Washington, D.C. as well as the freshest specialty roaster on the East Coast.

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