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Smooth and delicious Oolong tea varieties Quartermaine

Oolong tea is one of many tea varieties. Often called "semi-fermented," Oolong tea is smooth and delicious, often described as vaguely peachy. Many oolong tea drinkers prefer the nearly decaffeinated liquor of the third steeping. The Oolong tea variety Ti Kwan Yin is known for its lightly oxidized leaf with a unique, crumpled appearance. Its flavor is floral, nutty and herbal. The Formosa Oolong tea is undoubtedly one of the world's greatest Oolong tea varieties and absolutely the finest Formosa (Taiwan) oolong blend. The taste is stunningly sweet, with the naturally occurring flavor of fresh peaches and flowers.

Enjoy the stunning flavor of Oolong tea

When you desire exceptional tea blends, or a wide selection of exotic tea varieties, Quartermaine Coffee Roasters has the selection to please the most discerning palate. We also specialize in Chinese green tea and Indian black tea varieties, plus our own special blends including Autumn, Breakfast, China Iced Tea, India Black Tea and Quartermaine Special.

Tea varieties for every occasion

A steaming cup of hot tea can do wonders for your mind. We offer many Chinese green tea blends including Lung Ching. If you desire distinguished black tea varieties, try our Keemun Choice, with its smooth, sweet, slightly floral qualities.

Other Quartermaine tea varieties include Ceylon Orange Pekoe, China Iced Tea Blend, Gunpowder - Temple of Heaven, Japanese Gyokuro Asahi, Moroccan Mint, Sencha and many more!

Tea leaves are plucked from the bushes when the plant produces new shoots or "flushes." Pluckers hand-pick only the two uppermost, tender, young leaves and a small, unopened bud. After picking, the leaves are processed. There are several different methods to process tea, and the method used determines which of the three major types the plucked leaves will become.

Our teas go through a nine step process to before they are shipped to you. The leaves are picked, dried, fermented, put through mesh to make it a standard grade, then packed into silos to await shipping. Green blends are steamed immediately after plucking. Black blends are placed on racks for drying and rolling.

Our experienced buyers stop at nothing to secure the best blends for our customers. Our teas are stored in a climate controlled room to protect them against changes in temperature and humidity. We pack them just before shipment to ensure freshness and flavor. To find the blends that we like to offer our customers and drink ourselves, we work closely with our brokers around the world and make regular buying and tasting trips to the world's best growing regions.

Founded in Rockville, Maryland in 1991 by the original founders of Starbucks Coffee, Quartermaine Coffee Roasters is a regional specialty gourmet coffee roaster committed to providing customers with fresh, flavorful, roast-dated coffee. More than a decade later, Quartermaine has achieved "cult status" among coffee drinkers, and is the favorite specialty coffee roaster in Washington, D.C. as well as the freshest specialty coffee roaster in the East Coast.

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