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Quartermaine Coffee Roasters offer a complete line of gourmet coffee gifts for you to choose from.

Order gourmet coffee gifts for any occasion

Gourmet coffee gifts from Quartermaine coffee roasters make any day special. We have a wide range of gourmet coffee gifts to choose from with our wide range of single origin special blends, dark roasts, espresso, or decaffeinated blends. We ship our delicious gourmet coffee gifts within 24 hours of roasting and take care never to over roast our beans. Your coffee will always be fresh, flavorful and never bitter. Gourmet coffee gifts from Quartermaine coffee roasters are perfect for any gift-giving occasion.

The Quartermaine Coffee Roasters company is loved in Washington, DC because of our gourmet coffee varieties of the highest quality exotic beans from Kenya, Java, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama and Sumatra. Try our Around The World Sampler or some of our other coffee packages for a great introduction to Quartermaine's single origin coffee blends. Our company purchases unroasted, green beans grown on small farms and larger estates around the world. To ensure we maintain our relationships with the people who grow our beans, Roger Scheumann, Quartermaine's founder, makes regular trips to the world's gourmet coffee growing regions.

Quartermaine gourmet coffee varieties include Arabian Mocha Sanani, Half-Caf Blend, Mocha Java, Papua New Guinea Aromatic, Sumatra, Viennese Roast, Ethiopia and many more!

Quartermaine gourmet coffee roasters have produced many dark roasted blends that suit our high quality Arabica beans. However, we realize that many drinkers prefer lighter roasted beans, so our roasters offer styles to suit every taste.

Gourmet Coffee Gifts Especially for Espresso Lovers

Many people don't realize that you do not need to use espresso coffee in your espresso machine. Most espresso blends are formulated for brewing under pressure, which is why they taste great in an espresso machine. But other kinds, such as Quartermaine's Arabian Mocha-Java, also taste great in an espresso machine. The key is to experiment and have fun testing what flavor you like the taste of in your espresso machine.

Espresso lovers especially love our beans and roast. Once you taste our espresso, you will too. We use it in all our espresso drinks so why not order our offerings online to give terrific espresso gift packages?

Unparalleled service and selection await you at Quartermaine

Quartermaine exists to buy, roast and sell beans with superior taste and freshness. Come to Quartermaine for full bodied espresso and bold tea blends including Oolong, Ceylon Orange Pekoe, Lung Ching and India black tea.

Founded in Rockville, Maryland in 1991 by the original founders of Starbucks, Quartermaine is a regional specialty roaster committed to providing customers with fresh, flavorful, roast dated brews. More than a decade later, Quartermaine has achieved "cult status" among drinkers, and is the favorite specialty roaster in Washington, D.C. as well as the freshest specialty roaster on the East Coast.

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