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Quartermaine gourmet coffee roasters specialize in taste and freshness. When you're looking for a great cup of coffee, look no further than Quartermaine Coffee Roasters. People in Washington, DC take their coffee seriously. As Washington, DC's favorite coffee roasters, Quartermaine, provides coffee to those requiring fresh taste available through our local retail stores, via wholesale, by mail order and over the Internet.

Explore the gourmet varieties that our coffee roasters prepare.

Quartermaine Coffee Roasters exist to buy, roast and sell a superior product with outstanding quality and freshness. As gourmet coffee roasters, we bring out the best flavor, taking care never to over roast the coffee beans, so as to avoid bitterness. To this end our coffee roaster company purchases unroasted, green coffee beans grown on small farms and larger estates around the world. To ensure we maintain our relationships with the people who grow our coffees, Roger Scheumann, Quartermaine's founder, makes regular trips to the world's coffee growing regions. Try our Around The World Sampler for a great introduction to Quartermaine's single origin coffees.

Quartermaine coffee varieties include Arabian Mocha Sanani, Half-Caf Blend, Mocha Java, Papua New Guinea Aromatic, Sumatra, Viennese Roast, Ethiopia and more!

Coffee professionals are opinionated people, each believing there is one "right" way. Some roast coffee light, some medium and some dark. Who's right? We think the proof is in the cup. At Quartermaine, we come from a long line of dark roast disciples, believing that the full flavor of our dark Regular Roast best compliments the body and acidity of our high-quality Arabica coffees.

Quartermaine imports top quality green beans from all around the world. Our coffee roasters have produced many fine dark roasted blends that suit our high quality Arabica beans. However, we realize that many prefer lighter roasted beans, so our we offer styles to suit every drinkers taste.

Espresso lovers especially love our beans. Once you taste our espresso, you will understand. Order our espresso offerings online to give terrific gourmet coffee gift packages.

Our Coffee Blends are our most popular. Try the House Blend for a straight ahead cup, or Vine Street for a rich, smooth blend from all three major growing regions: the Americas, the Pacific and East Africa. Other blends available include Aromatica, Half-Cal, New Orleans, Red Line and Clyde's.

Unparalleled service and selection await you at Quartermaine.

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